Face Clinic

Face Clinic

Advanced Beauty  @ The Lodge Dental Practice (established 2006)

We provide treatments to match your specific requirements and needs leaving you confident that you have made the very best choice for you. We use a comprehensive pre-treatment consultation to gain a clear understanding of your personal needs, thus achieving optimum results, leaving you looking fresh and natural and turning back the years with the following treatments:

Dysport and Azzalure (Botulinum Type A) and Restylane Perlane (dermal filler)

Dysport and Azzalure is a dilute extract of Botulinum type A toxin. When placed in muscles it temporarily blocks the release of acetylcholine, which in turn causes temporary muscle weakness and that eventually results in fewer wrinkles of expression. Lasts 4-6 months.

Restylane- Perlane – (dermal filler with anaesthetic) is a sterile, transparent gel of stabilized hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. Working with the body's own hyaluronic acid, lines are smoothed, filled and plumped out, and lips are enhanced almost immediately. This treatments actions can be seen for up to 9 months.

 Facial clinic
Our patient before and after treatment for crows feet and frown lines

Our expertise in the use of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers allows us to reduce unwanted facial lines and wrinkles, making you look younger and feel more confident. We can even stop the action of excessive sweating by 'switching off' sweat glands under the armpits. These treatments take just an hour and can leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for up to 1 year.

We use products that have an excellent safety record and explain each procedure thoroughly. We may even ask for a photo or two from your past, so that we can target areas that need attention whilst maintaining the most natural look for your unique facial aesthetic. 

Along with these treatments we also offer Theraderm Medical Grade Facial Peels. These peels are advocated primarily within the winter months, and can actively help with problem skin and post acne scarring.

The current fees for our facial aesthetics services are:

Azzalure/Dysport from £190

Dermal Fillers (e.g. Perlane) from £250

Please call the practice on 01825 763773 for a call back- to receive further details concerning The Face Clinic treatments.

Our patient before and after treatment for crows feet

Our patient before and after treatment for frown lines

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