A denture is a plate with teeth on it which sometimes has clasps (or clips) to hold it in place.

There are two different types of denture – plastic and metal.

Plastic are cheaper than metal dentures. They sit on the gums – if made incorrectly they can damage teeth and/or gums, but can be very effective if well made.

Metal dentures have a cobalt chrome framework joining the teeth. They are lighter, thinner and supported by adjacent teeth not the gums. They are more expensive as they require a specialist laboratory to construct the metal work.

The dentist will decide what is best for you.

If a tooth has to come out a denture can replace it straight away. This is a process known as immediate replacement and it means you will not have to walk around with a gap while the extraction site heals. Once healed the area can then be restored with a newer denture, a bridge or an implant.

These options will be explained by the dentist.

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