“Tim was not only personally recommended to me, but personally recommended by a dental implant surgeon who recognised his excellent work with dental cosmetics. With 17 existing, badly fitting crowns and a very sore gum situation, I saw several other cosmetic dentists to rectify the issue. I did not want to experience further inadequate treatment for new crowns and then end up with yet more issues in the future so I consulted Tim at The Lodge Dental Practice. The thing that impressed me about Tim, over the other reputable cosmetic dentists, was that he is extremely well qualified, via world renowned American Cosmetic Dentist Institutions, and that he talked in a language I could understand, plus he did not overcharge for the work, or add in extra expensive, yet unnecessary, procedures. The process of renewing my 17 existing crowns and upgrading some poor inlay fillings to crowns, a total of 24 crowns, was made easy by Tim agreeing with me a structured plan of action before commencing, so that I new not only what was happening when, but also what I had to pay and when it had to be paid. Although this meant that I had to have several visits and that my teeth would take sometime to complete, looking back it was exactly the right advice, as it allowed a period of recovery for my gums between preparation and fitting – even Tim’s temporary crowns were better than my previous permanent ones. The result is great. White, natural looking teeth that work (I can actually bite into an apple and chew food properly again!), plus no more sore, bleeding gums. Aftercare has been attentive and throughout the whole process the team, from reception to Tim himself, have been very approachable and entirely professional. Needless to say I have already been highly recommending The Lodge Dental Practice. Very pleased. Thanks very much Tim and Team.” Louise

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