Children’s Dentistry

At The Lodge Dental Practice we want to provide a positive experience for everyone who visits us, especially children.

There is no reason to be afraid of going to the dentist but all too often we meet people who have had a bad experience in childhood and this affects them for the rest of their lives.

We welcome children into the practice and always make sure that we listen to their concerns and where possible include them in the decision making process.

At The Lodge Dental Practice we, as parents, treat children as we would like our children to be treated.

A good dental experience as a child will allow for a long lasting and positive approach to dental care.

We only look after the children of our current registered patients and offer them treatment at a reduced rate. Children under 5 years old will be examined for free when seen during their parent’s appointment. Parents who are not currently patients at The Lodge Dental Practice are welcome to bring their children to see us but will not benefit from the reduced fees and any treatment will be charged at full adult fees.

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